Mais le Scrapbooking...c'est quoi ?

23 avril 2006

Here the article published on the site of Delf and that it asks to diffuse so that this scrapbooking day is a great festival as it it is the in addition to-Atlantic.
"to celebrate the scrapbooking day with our manner, we propose to you
to take part in the greatest challenge carried out between lists, blog, stop with ear.
We are accustomed to organizing on our list (scrap pipelettes), every 15 days, one
challenge scraplift in 2h stopwatch. The instructions are given the week which precedes the date by the challenge and ¼h before the hour H of the D-day (!!!) , we reveal the page with scraplifter.
The girls have then 2h to carry out this page and to put it on the account twopeas of Pipelettes.
For the scrapbooking day
If you wish it, we propose to you to make the same thing but wide with all the lists, blogs.. An account twopeas baptized "Scrapbooking Day", password "scrap" will be especially created and all the pages of the challenge will be with poster on this account. We will have thus
an overall vision of all the pages carried out. There is nothing to gain, just pleasure of sharing our common passion for an event which has well evil to cross the Atlantic...and that we will thus celebrate with our manner!!
The idea came to us while seeing the insane challenge launched by Maud on its blog (thank you very much MAUD for the inspiration), who court of blog in blog, and which sees taking part of the girls of all lists or forums, without list, in a word of impassioned.
The date of the scrapbooking day being on May 6, we could stop the date of Friday May 5 at the evening (one can thus benefit from the long weekend), of 21h with 23h (history to lay down all our gremlins and to be quiet!!!).
The instructions will be given one week before the challenge (on April 29 to the soir)sur the account Scrapbooking Day. The page with scraplifter will be put on this account at 21h, May 5 and ahead for two hours of intense scrap!!!
Do not hesitate to do one copied stuck of this message and to pass it on your blogs, preferred lists or forums.
If you are leaving to come to join us and for any information,
contact Delf on its blog.
There is of course no obligation, we just wish to make an end of "crop virtual" between scrappeuses of all horizons.

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